United in Love.

No Place for Hate.

We hear the outcry of our communities.

Everyone and every community deserve a safe, prosperous, and peaceful life, a life free from hate and harassment. We recognize and honor our collective resilience and our right to nurture our communities from a place of compassion, security, and belonging. Portland United Against Hate is here to track, respond to, prevent and heal from acts of hate while providing the support that our communities need.



PUAH is a coalition of 80+ organizations working to address hate violence in Portland.

Together, in 2017-2018 the PUAH grant partners:

Held 152 trainings for 2,667 people to respond, interrupt, track, understand, and promote solutions to hate violence;

Provided outreach and engagement to 9,429 people in 11 languages;

Supported 38 youth in leading anti-hate programming.

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The PUAH Coalition is a resource:

  • Toolkits, digital and printed action cards, and culturally and language-specific materials.

  • Community-based expertise on issues such as responding to alt-right white supremacist activity, analysis of specific policies, and connectivity with diverse communities affected by hate incidents.

  • Training for staff and community on a variety of subjects related to hate and bias, including using the hate reporting tool, interrupting hate, hate in housing, hate incident vs hate crime, and more.