Your Experiences Matter


Option A: Contact an Organization to Get Support

Look at the list of organizations below, these organizations act as Points of Contact for the PUAH Coalition. Find one you like, trust or is culturally appropriate for you.

Contact that organization – call, email, or stop by their office. Let them know that you want to talk to someone about a hate incident.


Option B: Contact PUAH for Directions

Don’t see an organization that is a good fit? Don’t know where to turn? Feeling overwhelmed?

Contact the PUAH Coalition Director:


Option C: Get What You Need Online

You can always report your incident and find legal, advocacy, mental health and other resources online.

The organizations below have agreed to be Points of Contact for the PUAH Coalition, they represent a wide range of cultural, identity and language groups. This is a place to start. You can also find the full list of Coalition Partners here.




NorthEAST Portland


Southeast Portland


southwest portland


Fair Housing Council of Oregon »

Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling »